Waterwise 8800 Deluxe Water Distiller

Waterwise 8800 Deluxe Water Distiller


Waterwise 8800

Removes dangerous chemicals and
pollutants from your drinking and
cooking water. Combines steam distillation and
carbon filtration for ultimate purity.
• Seamless, stainless steel boiler
• Removable carafe with stop-and-serve
• Digital display with programmable timer
• KleenWise distiller cleaner recommended
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Product Description

Waterwise 8800

    • Newest and most popular Waterwise® water purifier


    • Steam distillation & carbon filtration for maximum purity


    • Digital display tells you when to change the filter, and the time of day


    • Programmable Timer


    • Seemless, Stainless Steel Boiler


    • Comes with a 1 Gallon Removable Carafe that can be stored in the refrigerator


    • Drip-less stop-and-serve feature


    • Compact countertop modelNo assembly, installation or hookups

* Based on research by Michael Donaldson PhD, Hallelujah Acres recommends distilling your water for maximum purity, then adding WaterMax to alkalize it and add back vital minerals. For more details, please read our Water FAQs and Water – The Choice for Long-Term Health, an article by Dr. Donaldson available for free download.



Model 8800

Includes: Distiller, 1 gallon polycarbonate carafe and 1 carbon post filter

Distillate Capacity: 6 Gallons (22.7 liters) in 24 hours

Dimensions: 15′ (38 cm) Height, 10.5′ (26.7 cm) Depth, 15.4′ (39 cm) Width

Net Weight: 14.3 lbs (6.4 kgs)

Rating: 120VAC/60Hz 800W

Color: White

1 Year Limited Warranty

UL Listed USA & Canada


Customer Testimonials


“We love our Waterwise! The water tastes great & I know I am giving my family the best water possible! I love the delay cycle feature, making it possible to run the distiller at off peak electric use hours, saving even more money than buying bottled water. Thanks for making such a well-made, well-thought-out product.” – Amy Lapp, Romulus NY


“Apart from the proven health advantages, my Waterwise distilled water just plain tastes better than tap or bottled water.” – Ken Pedersen, San Clemente CA


“My distiller is working beautifully. I enjoy not having to lug home those many gallons of H2O each week. My recycle bin fills half as fast now that I dont have all those plastic H2O jugs.” – Jeanne Chaloner, Nashua NH


Benefits of Distilled Water *


Think Before You Drink – If you think the water you are drinking is just H2O, think again!


Nothing Compares to Waterwise Purity – Comparison chart of harmful elements removed from bottled water, carbon filtered, reverse osmosis, and Waterwise distilled.


Distillation Process and VOCs


Bottled Water…What is the Real Cost? – Save over 70% on water with a Waterwise distiller!


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