Exerstrider Walking Sticks
Exerstrider Walking Sticks2Exerstrider Walking Sticks

Exerstrider Walking Sticks


Exerstrider Walking Sticks2Increase your fitness level faster by simultaneously exercising all of the body’s
major muscle groups as you walk. Exerstrider poles make walking a highly
effective total-body exercise.
• Adjustable to fit users 4’4” to 6’1” tall

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Item Description

Don’t Just Exercise…
Enhance the aerobic effects of walking while building upper body muscle strength and endurance for a total body exercise.
Exerstrider poles turn walking into a fun and more effective total body exercise with benefits similar to cross country or “Nordic” skiing. With Exerstrider poles you’ll build more fitness in less time by simultaneously exercising all of the body’s major muscles.
You’ll love the added results you’ll receive as you turn walking into a total body exercise that gently engages every major muscle with every stride. Every pair of Exerstrider poles come with a five-star rated instructional video as well as a printed manual and user’s guide filled with valuable information designed to maximize your Exerstrider experience and results.

    • Two-piece high quality lightweight aluminum alloy construction
    • Plum/Dark Magenta, with silver graphics
    • Weight: 10.5 oz / 299 grams each
    • Ergonomic strapless grips for comfort
    • Adjustable from 41″ to 51″ to fit users 4’4″ to 6’1″ tall
    • Includes both carbide tips and Cushiongrip tips for varying terrain

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 Walking Poles (4/23/2010)

These are great. Be prepared for comments from passersby. You can walk longer distances without feeling like it. Great for climbing stairs and uneven hiking trails. Very easy on the joints.

Posted by: Nancy – Lucknow On. Can

 Exerstrider Walking Sticks (6/15/2011)

These sticks were a gift last fall for my 53rd b’day. My husband tried and loved them so he rec’d a set for his b’day. Am now much stronger, less winded, and can walk longer distances. Greatly enhanced my duration on the treadmill when weather doesn’t permit walking outdoors. Well worth the price! A bonus is getting to share the hacres website with those who inquire about the sticks.



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