Fit 10 – Ten Minute Exercise Program
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Fit 10 – Ten Minute Exercise Program


FIT 10


You build muscle, reduce body
fat, strengthen your heart, and
increase flexibility, all in just 10
minutes a day!
• Weighs less than 2 lbs –
great for travel

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Fit 10 - Ten Minute Exercise Program Nutritional Information

Customer Reviews

 Fit 10 is Amazing (11/27/2009)

I have been using Fit 10 for over a year and a half, and I love it! It is easy to use and the results, with consistent use, are wonderful. I love doing the work out with the CD as Dave encourages you to “give it all you’ve got.” It’s a great way to start the day! With consistent use of Fit 10, I maintian my ideal weight and have improved muscle definition in my upper body. As Dave says when it comes to exercise, if you can’t find ten minutes, you really are hopeless. Fit10 makes the ten minutes very productive with great results.

Posted by: Judy N., Health Minister – Fresno, CA

 Fit 10 (5/23/2013)

I enjoyed watching the demonstration as I was watching I wondered where could I put it. My door oin my bedroom doesn’t close that well. i don’t know if I would have enough room in my entrance to do the exercise. I would love to have the fit 10. I need to do upper body exercise.

Posted by: Eunice Perdue – New York City

 DVD (10/8/2013)

Is their anyway of contacting the company and getting a replacement DVD. I lost mine I believe in a computer and have not been able to get back out. I have new computer to use now. And feel I do a better job having the DVD to work out with. Love Fit 10


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