Hallelujah Acres® Joint Health
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Hallelujah Acres® Joint Health


Hallelujah Acres® Joint Health
Be nice to your knees and any other achy joints!
Hallelujah Acres Joint Health, made with superior
BCM-95 curcumin and boswellia extracts, helps
rebuild cartilage as it suppresses inflammation and
joint damage from free radicals. Your knees will notice
— and thank you!
• Suppresses free radicals to stop
• Made with the world’s best boswellia and

Hallelujah Acres Joint Health doesn’t mask symptoms, it addresses the source of joint pain with dual action ingredients to stop inflammation and support your body’s efforts to rebuild joint cartilage!

Product Description

It’s hard to live an active lifestyle when you’re struggling with chronic back pain, a sore neck, and that nagging stiffness in your knees, knuckles, and other joints. But using over-the-counter “pain relievers” is not the answer; they only mask symptoms and don’t address the cause of the pain.


Hallelujah Acres Joint Health Supplement is different. Using an exclusive, 100% natural and high effective formula, it addresses the source of the problem so you can move freely again.


The Best of Both Worlds

The unique, dual action formula in Hallelujah Acres Joint Health reduces inflammation that causes pain and supports your body’s efforts to rebuild cartilage at the same time — with 100% natural, plant-based ingredients:

    • Curcumin has been included for its superior ability to guard against inflammation.


    • Boswellia (also known as frankincense) has been used for centuries to suppress inflammation that causes pain.


    • Grape seed extract has antioxidants that help to address joint inflammation.


    • Astaxanthin is also included for its effectiveness with inflammation associated with overuse injuries and muscle soreness after exercise.


    • ASU (avocado-soy-unsaponifiables) not only helps relieves pain, but helps to rebuild cartilage, too.

Better Ingredients, Better Results

Hallelujah Acres Joint Health supplement is formulated with BCM-95, the most potent form of curcumin available and the easiest for the body to absorb.


In fact, BCM-95 is up to 700% more absorbable than standardized curcumin, thanks to a revolutionary process that retains more of curcumin’s naturally occurring components.


That natural balance is evident in all Hallelujah Acres Joint Health ingredients.


For example, some companies use a more concentrated, processed form of boswellia extract. But the form used in our formula is more balanced; the result is a more gentle approach that works with your body for a better response.


By contrast, drugs have the opposite effect, forcing unnatural pain suppression and causing damage to other parts of the body in the process.


Everything That Works, Nothing That Doesn’t

Hallelujah Acres Joint Health supplement is unique because it has dual action ingredients — those that stop inflammation and others that help rebuild cartilage. They work together to attack inflammation in several different ways for better results than popular, though less effective ingredients in other joint health products.


Chondroitin and glucosamine, for example, only work in about 30% of cases; not to mention, chondroitin is an animal-sourced ingredient.


Used in conjunction with The Hallelujah Diet, Hallelujah Acres Joint Health can help you regain your freedom of movement so you can live a full, abundant life!

    • Formulated with boswellia, curcumin, astaxanthin, avocado, and grape seed extract


    • Nourishes and strengthens joints.


    • Supplies powerful antioxidants to suppress free radical damage.


  • Helps to rebuild cartilage.


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