Hallelujah Food Show Recipe Book

Hallelujah Food Show Recipe Book


This information-packed, easy-to-follow recipe
book features some of the most savory dishes
from the “Hallelujah Food Show!”
• Mouthwatering, raw, living-food vegan

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Product Description

We have taken some of the most savory dishes featured on the popular Hallelujah Food Show videos and compiled them in one terrific recipe book.


You will enjoy mouthwatering raw living vegan food recipe favorites from these select shows:

    • Lets Get Started


    • Feeding Our Children


    • Choices, Variety, and Convenience


    • Basics for Great Recipes


    • A Day on The Hallelujah Diet


    • Holidays and Special Occasions


    • Eating in the Outdoors


    • The Hallelujah Diet at Work and on the Road

Prepare these delicious meals for your special ‘audience’ and you will be the star of your Hallelujah kitchen!


Paperback: 59 pages

Publisher: Hallelujah Acres Publishing (2006)

Language: English



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