losolIosol’s special process makes iodine easier for your body to use and excellent for thyroid
gland metabolism support. Iodine supplementation has also been shown to support breast
health and increase the excretion of harmful bromide, fluoride, and some heavy metals
including mercury and lead.
• Highest potency available without a prescription
• Rapidly and evenly absorbed in the body

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Product Description



    • Essential Trace Mineral


    • Highest Potency Available WIthout Prescription


    • Formerly Known as Ioaquasol (Iodine-Aqua-Soluable)

Iosol provides the essential iodine mineral which has been proportioned by a special process making a water soluble IODINE compound.


Read an article on Iodine by Michael Donaldson, PhD – “Recent Advances in Iodine Nutrition”




Mix one drop into two ounces of water. Take one to three times a day or use as directed by your Physician or Health Professional.


Serving Size:

1 drop in two ounces of water. 1830 mcg Iodine, 1220% Daily Value per serving.



Glycerine (vegetarian), Iodine, Ammoniuim Iodine



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