Miracle Stainless Steel Rice Cooker
rice pot

Miracle Stainless Steel Rice Cooker


rice potGood-bye harmful aluminum and non-stick surfaces!
Cook rice and steam veggies the healthy way with
this high quality, high capacity (12 cup), stainless
steel rice cooker. Easy to use and clean up is a snap!

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Product Description

rice pot

Cooks perfect rice every time — without harmful aluminum or non-stick coatings!


The Miracle Essentials ME81 rice cooker features an all-stainless steel bowl that steams both rice and vegetables; your food never comes into contact with aluminum or non-stock chemicals!It’s all automatic and even includes a warm mode that automatically turns on to keeprice warm once the cooking is done!


Cooks 8 cups of dry rice to yield 12 cups of cooked rice.Includes indicator lights, different cooking modes, a stainless steel vegetable steamer tray, glass lid, rice paddle, and 46-inch power cord.

    • All stainless steel; no aluminum or non-stick coatings


    • Yields 12 cups cooked rice (8 cups dry rice)


    • Weighs less than 4 pounds


    • 9.5” deep, 8.67” wide, and 7” high


    • 500 Watts


  • 1-year warranty


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