OXO Mandolin
OXO Mandolin

OXO Mandolin


OXO Mandolin

One of the most durable and comfortable kitchen
gadgets! Makes straight and wavy slices quickly,
safely and easily. Also makes crinkle and waffle cuts.
• Soft grips for safety and comfort
• Includes two sets of blades


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Product Description

OXO Mandolin


OXO Mandolin Slicer

Make uniform, precise slices of apples, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and other produce! Just slide the fruit or vegetable along the mandolin’s stainless-steel runway , which is textured to prevent food from sticking. Blade features a straight side for straight slices and a wavy side for crinkle cuts and waffle cuts. A soft grip area allows for safely removing and inserting this blade. The unit also provides a rotating cylinder with two sets of stainless-steel julienne blades.


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